Scholar Athlete Awards

Our scholar athlete awards go to our players who completed the 2017  season on either our Varsity or JV teams and maintained a QPA of 100 or above. Well done boys! Here they are and all will receive a nice award.

Anish Kanduri

Austin Hoff

Christian Irigoyen

Kyle Bratkovics

Aaron Koehler

Collin Kenny

Drake Brackett

Robby Swiatek

Matt Gearhart

Joe Mendez

Jake Olsson

Chris Fernandes

Zach Boerchers

Marcus Greene

Mike Jablonski

TRUE SCHOLAR ATHLETES ALL. Love it to have so many.


Recruiting tips if you want to play in college.

Watch the whole video. Its a lacrosse coach I know but everything he says applies to recruitment for soccer including prospect camps, how to contact a coach or college and what you should be doing to get noticed. It will also make us better next year.

MS Soccer Season Canceled

The MS soccer season will have to be canceled due to lack of players signed up. We wish the community league and other club teams the best of luck this spring!