Banquet is set for 5:15 PM-6:15 PM on November 20th. Read below for agenda and food/drink assignments.


Welcome and eat (5:15-5:45 PM)

Captain time (if they want it)

Appreciation for booster’s/parents (Captain Jack)

JV Certificates (Coach Carmona)

1st year letter winners (Coach Stewart)

2nd year letter winners (Coach Carmona)

3rd year letter winners (Coach Carmona)

4th year letter winners (Coach Stewart)

Grit Award (Captain Chris)

Golden Boot Award (Captain Robby)

MVP Award (Coach Stewart)

Concluding Remarks

Dinner and Drinks:

The theme will be to celebrate the diversity of the team. Each group of three players should prepare something that is traditional to your culture…what that is is up to you.

Freshman: Appetizers

Sophomores: Main dishes

Juniors: Main Dishes and Dessert

Seniors: Drinks

Parents…please let your players do the cooking! I can’t wait to try what they come up with. If it’s inedible, there is always LaBellas after.