Tactical Plan for Pen Argyl. Email or text you read it.

We have been running for much of the year a “false 9” where our center forward (traditional field position and jersey #9) sits deeper to draw the center backs up. If they go with and mark him, they leave space behind. If they stay home, our #9 is free to receive and distribute.

IT IS ESSENTIAL OUR #9 player NOT be even with the opposing teams back line. One of the reasons we lost against southern lehigh is we had three high players all even with their back line and we had no one to link up with centrally.

Here is what this looks like:

lineup (2)

Wingbacks must think man-marking defense first on the opposing teams outside men. Do not let them run free.

Chris/Almonte will man-mark their danger man centrally but not if he goes wide. They have two very dangerous players, perhaps more. We will know more when the game starts of course lol.

Quick decisions, quick hits, look for putting the ball in space behind their lines. We will look to counter punch. When we get the ball in their third, look to possess and control.

Nothing sloppy, keep the ball out of central dangerous areas on our end. Respect your opponent, then beat them.


#9: Appleby, Almonte, Irigoyen

#10 or 11: Appleby, Kyle B

#7 or #8: Almonte, Irigoyen

#5 or #6: Maverick and Jolsson and Kyle B

#2,3,4: You can’t get tired or hurt but if you do….Bedoya, Ben, Julian

#1: Charbel, Drake


READ THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE. It says football for dummies but it’s a good piece and has some nice examples.