There is no team we can’t beat and I’ll tell you why…

Our most recent defeat was to Southern Lehigh.. a game in which we missed their goal twice by inches and shot ourselves in the foot a few times too. That was a game that could have gone either way.

Southern Lehigh is ranked in the top 10 in the entire lehigh valley (Parkland is #1).

Lehigh Valley Live’s top ten

Each of the other teams we have lost to are also ranked #9 and #3.

If we play our best wilson warrior soccer (press, possess, and patient) we can make some noise.

Remember, confidence is good – believing in your abilities is good. I’m confident, you should be. We will respect our opponents and realize we need to play our best to beat them.

Looking forward to monday’s practice. Come focused and ready to LEARN. All of us can learn new things every day so come with an attitude to improve! It’s all about the team and who you play for! See you then!