Wilson loses tough one to Southern Lehigh to go 6-3 at the midway mark. Coaches comments below…

We did not play much as a “team” yesterday. There was poor link-up play between the backline and our strikers and too much space left between. There was a lack of intensity all round the field – our forward players were less active in winning the ball, the wingback play was not good enough either in possession or in marking, and the backline was too complacent. Lastly, we played panic ball and did not take possession seriously.

Soccer is a team game, but also a game of personal battles, with the ball, with your own fitness, confidence, and of course against the other team. Good teammates look to win their personal battles so they can help the team win the larger one. I don’t like players barking at others when there is much they can do to improve themselves. And everyone falls into that camp.

My goal for the second half of the season is to be a better team, in that we display the hallmarks of what being on a team should mean. Loyalty, common cause, consistency, building each other up, and a constant desire to improve. The more we play together, and not as individuals, the better we are and the more we will win. Come together, no division, all for one and one for all. Lots of games left.