Palmerton Line-up. Must win.

lineup (1)

GK: Clewell

CB: Dave, Robby, Collin

LWB: Will      RWB: Lorenzo

Stopper: Aaron

Central Midfielders: Joe and Chris

Attacking Midfielder: Kolton

Striker: Tajae

I want my wingbacks ready to press up the field on their backs and wide players AND to participate in the attack.

Tajae – I want you to distribute quickly to these wide areas.

Quick decisions, lots of possession, and aggressive marking. I want shutdown soccer and for us to control the game whistle to whistle.

Key Subs:

Wingbacks: Jack, Jake, Kyle, ZB, Ben, Julian

Central Midfielders: Almonte, Christian, Alejandro

Striker: Alejandro, Kolton, Lorenzo