Great teams are consistent! Everyone read below what that means for us…

To be consistent, we need to stay vigilant so that we don’t lose our edge…how do we do that?

  1. Work hard in the classroom. Teacher detentions, academic probation, etc will hurt the team and affect the line-up. Put the team over you and both will improve. Be a great student and you’ll be a great player for us too.
  2. Take care of each other in practice and on the field. Some injuries we’ll never prevent but we all need to work hard to not pick up needless ones in practice.
  3. Always look to get better all season long… pick-up a new move, study and watch soccer, ask questions to coaches and your teammates.
  4. Be consistently positive. We WILL go through tough patches and good teams insist on a constructive, forward looking attitude in which we are always tougher on ourselves than anyone else!


We continue to believe this can be a special season. Put the above into practice and that’ll help it be a reality.