Warriors drop scrimmage to FCA 2-1 in last tune-up before the season.

Lorenzo Sigue equalized after the ball popped out after a confrontation created by Tajae Turner. This goal was critical as we showed we can come back from a goal down.

I liked how we faced down a tougher opponent than BECA. We denied their star space most of the game.

What we will be working on this week:

  1. Making good marking decisions amongst our back four. Aaron marks the central man, Collin or Dave the outside man. I do not want Robby man-marking as he is responsible for over the top and thru balls.
  2. Communication still needs to improve.
  3. We were down on possession against FCA and we need to improve that balance of direct play and possession. We were too much of a kick and get team on friday. Not enough possession.
  4. Getting wingbacks better involved in possession, build-up, and offensive play.
  5. The geronimo press…marking off available outlets and forcing low percentage direct play from opponent.
  6. Adapting to speed of high quality opponent. FCA was able to one touch a number of balls thru and up and this caught us on the back foot.

Excited for 1 week till opener. Let’s have a great week of practice!!