Faith Christian Line-up and Tactical Plan. All MUST read.

It’s a familiar 3-5-2, with Tajae getting the start up high and Lorenzo at wingback. Our two J’s will sub in at wingback.

lineup (8)

The stopper (aaron – almonte – chris) must stay home in front of robby and mark out their distribution CAM. We want to contest any pass in front of our centerbacks. Robby, David, and Collin – make sure one of you marks out their striker forward by fronting him. Robby will chase down if they play direct over the top or thru.

We play a “false 9” meaning that although AJ/almonte is high, he may work back for the ball leaving Kolton/alejandro a little higher or even Joe or Chris if they find themselves occasionally (just occasionally boys – remember you are holding midfielders) making a run.

Kolton and Tajae make sure you are making diagonal runs or check back to the ball. Defensively one stays high, the other deeper in the midfield.

Our zone of confrontation where we press is just over the midfield line on their side UNLESS they move the ball awkwardly to the sideline, have a bad touch in the back or look complacent. Watch AJ…if he goes hard…we all do. Shut off a jersey close to the ball immediately.

Possess and press but in the back – be careful and do not be afraid to play direct out to  clear our lines and counter.

Intense from the whistle. We must win balls, relax on the ball in the attacking third and COMMUNICATE.

Let’s go boys! Faith Christian is a good team and WILL test us and we need that. Believe in yourselves and your teammates and always have fun! Let’s test them some too!!