Practice will run tonight from 5:00-6:30/6:45 PM.

Coach Cardinal

Matt Gearhart

Ben Walter

Teague Marsh

Jerome Serrao

Omali Grant

Mike Jablonski

Elijah Palmer

Marcus Greene

Coach Carmona

Everyone else

In my mind right now…


Comments about game:

  1. Poor marking everywhere but particularly in the back. Do not let players receive the ball at their feet right in front of you. You must contest.
  2. Poor spacing and communication. Possess does not mean tinier and tinier passes in an ever shrinking area. You must release to where the space is and guys have to move off the ball to be there.
  3. Poor communication. You have to exaggerate in practice. Yell and cry for the ball. Tell your teammates turn or back or man-on.
  4. Poor shape. We had guys leaving their area of responsibility to get the ball. This leaves a gaping whole where they should be.
  5. Dangerous fouls and crying about calls. Do NOT slide tackle from behind – that will be a straight red card …ball or not. This happened twice with Jack and Dave. It’s a no no. Crying about offsides, whose throw it is, etc…who cares…play the game. I’m not a FIFA ref..I was half refing, have enjoying seeing the alumni again, half watching you…wait that’s too many halves lol
  6. Bench was too quiet…support your teammates…cheer them on. Do so on the field too…
  7. Too much reliance on individual effort…TEAM TEAM TEAM. Certain players hold the ball too long and it hurts us if we turn it over in the midfield

That’s a lot BUT…I have high expectations and we have a long way to go!



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