Parents and Players Guide to Practice

  1. Read team rules under the team information section.
  2. Be on time….that means a little early to put on cleats,etc.
  3. On the first day…a table will be set up to sign some necessary paperwork for certain players. Parents come a little early to do this.
  4. Bring a water bottle with your name on it. It should be one that you can run with. Water is provided but not cups.
  5. Come ready to give your best, put the team first, and to get better. You will receive constructive critiques from your coaches which are designed to improve you and your team. You will also receive praise.
  6. Practice is up tempo and goes fast. The players that practice the hardest, who are always willing to learn something new, and who support their teammates, will be the ones who start on the field for games.